Good news in fashion!

Let's build a planet of hope.

  • Cool shoes x Small environmental footprint

    H&M and the footwear brand Good News joins forces to release a good-looking unisex trainer collection with a smaller environmental footprint. 

    Just listen to these materials; Bananatex® — fibre from banana plants — and Vegea™ —vegan grape leather. This is one step closer to circular production, keep up the good work!

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  • Sustainable jeans made-to-order

    3D scanning and robotics to create personalized AND sustainable jeans, can this really be true?

    Of course, just look at the San Francisco- and Hong Kong-based digital apparel brand Unspun. Besides using recyclable material and a unique body-scanning technology to reduce waste, they’ve also added a traceability element which makes it possible for the consumer to understand the jeans’ origin, ensure responsible material use and manufacturing, and a continuous circular life.

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