Creative Talk – Tech accelerates change

On January 31st, HEART 17 will be curating a Creative Tech Talk with the theme tech as an accelerator for change! Tune in through Spotify’s Greenroom app to listen to the interesting discussions with our amazing guests:

  • Reshma Kosaraju – Winner of Children’s Climate Prize
  • Razan Dhkan – Youth leader and innovator, UNDP Arab States
  • Jesper Alm - Winner of EY’s Better Working World Data Challenge
  • Anna Ryott – Founder of HEART 17
  • Jacob Felländer – Artist and creator of The Great Escape app
  • Klara Leander, Business Director at EY Doberman Nordics
  • Hanna Grahn - Sustainability Lead, Spotify (Moderator)

when and where?

Tune in on January 31st 17:00 CET through the Spotify Greenroom app - Session 1 and Session 2

Reshma Kosaraju is the winner of Children’s Climate Prize 2021 with her project "AI against forest fires" and will be participating in HEART 17's Creative Tech Talk about tech as an accelerator for change. Through Artificial Intelligence and technology Reshma has created a model that can predict potential forest fires with high accuracy using meteorological data and other parameters. Forest fires are estimated to be responsible directly and indirectly for over 339,000 premature deaths worldwide every year and up to $350 billion in annual economic losses in the US alone. With Reshma’s early warning system and her global approach to accessibility, her model could greatly improve preparedness for people living in areas prone to forest fires. Through creativity, innovation, and courage she proactively works to create solutions to protect our planet and its people.

Jesper Alm won EY's Nordic edition of Better Working World Data Challenge in 2021, together with John Lindblad. The challenge centered around fire detection and prediction – this since forest fires have steadily been increasing in frequency and intensity over the years.Jesper and John's winning project contributed with digital solutions to make prognoses and predict forest fires. EY's competition encourages combining creativity and data science to innovate new solutions for a sustainable future. Applications for their 2022 challenge is opening soon! Listen to Jesper in HEART 17’s Creative Tech Talk on January 31st to find out more – and keep your eyes open for the application for this year’s challenge!

Razan Dkhan is a BioMedical Engineer, entrepreneur, and freelancer in programming, robotics, and AI applications. Razan will be participating in HEART 17's Creative Tech Talk to discuss tech as an accelerator for change. She is an incredible young woman who has founded a company in Syria that uses AI to detect diseases such as Parkinson’s and lung diseases. She fights inequality by combining science and creativity for equal and accessible healthcare. She is also a Youth Leader at HEART 17 and part of UNDP Arab States’ Women Innovators Programme.

Klara Leander, Business Director at EY Doberman Nordics, a design and innovation firm focusing on helping companies accelerate sustainable product- and service development.

Anna Ryott is a business activist, experienced board member and investor focusing on business accelerating the Global Goals. She is globally known as a thought leader with a goal to change the world to a better place through partnership, innovation and creativity.

Jacob Felländer is an artist from Stockholm. He has created an app called The Great Escape where one can build own artworks, making art more accessible for everyone. 

Hanna Grahn - Sustainability Lead, Spotify, will be moderating the panel discussions. She is Sustainability Lead at Spotify. Recently she coordinated and moderated Spotify’s Climate Talks during COP26 in Glasgow.