Together with progressive artists and changemakers, we spread the message of change towards the Global goals. Optimism is rebellious and in times of uncertainty, it's a brave choice.

Maxida Märak: Indigenous rights

Our ancestors fought for their future and the right to their culture, and it is our duty to continue that battle. My generation has been raised to be fighters. My generation refuses to be silent. We are proud. We hold each other's backs. We will never shut up.

Jacob Felländer: Democratize creativity

We will need new solutions to the many old problems such as climate crisis, pandemics, famine and conflict. While A.I will take over many tasks in the workplace, the next generations will need to develop more human traits like creativity so we don’t get lost. Art and creativity need to have a more central role in tomorrow's society. I want to take art out in the streets so people can interact with it and also start their own creative journeys.

Emil Henrohn: Level up wellbeing

My generation has been left on its own during the pandemic, and we haven’t fully seen the consequences in terms of equal education and mental health. I want to supercharge you, to feel good about yourself, to have the strength to act up for a better future. Be creative. Do that thing that gives you power. Level up. Dare to say ”This is me”.

Moa Bartling: Climate action

Changing the world is always on my mind. Changing perspectives. When seeing things from upside down or with my eye in the back of my head, I can create my own reality. Colors give me energy and focus. Focus to make a real impact. #Fightinequality feels like that, that it will really make an impact.

SAY YOUR VOW'S TO THE WORLD – you are here, please take care.

Jesper Waldersten: Transformation

From screwed up to golden, from standing still to full acceleration. "I want to create images where nothing is static, nothing is obvious. This is serious, the state of the world. Let the unpredictable, ingenious and even unsettling lead you forward." You might laugh at Walderstens contemporary satire but lurking throughout is a depth of seriousness.

Umang Dhingra: Repair Humanity

To rewrite the story of a stolen childhood. I firmly believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity. Words have an immense power to create change.

This artwork draws on how, given the right support, even trauma can be repaired. The flowers blooming are meant to indicate a reclaimed life, a process of healing. The positioning of the flowers where the broken bust ends illustrates hope that, even if one cannot rewrite a painful childhood, a helping hand and a community of support, can help a person feel whole again.

Emily Copeland: Gender equality

Working for gender equality is crucial for a sustainable future. Right now, time is stolen from many through human trafficking and modern slavery. Use this clock to change how times is and always has been. Bring a bit of time back to the women who have had it robbed from them. Set your clock to today’s time. The Time is Now.

Mats Gustafson: In the wake of the pandemic

New York, Spring 2020, COVID-19. A difficult and challenging time. When asked to participate in this project, these images came to mind - A RED HEART, the iconic symbol of love, made in watercolor, soft and maybe melting. A FLAME, also made in watercolor, warm, strong, full of light and full of hope. A PAIR OF SURGICAL GLOVES, cut out in blue paper, as a symbol of the care, comfort and compassion, given to the covid-19 victims by heroic first responders and health workers, here and around the world. A symbol of the embrace we’re not able to give.


By wearing the message of change - you are joining forces with people around the globe. We use circular innovative materials, like Texloop, partly made out of re-used fibre and textiles, as well as 100% organic cotton. To eliminate waste, all our clothes are printed on-demand. And of course, we avoid unnecessary shipping emissions.