About Heart 17

Let's bring back hope.

why we exist

HEART 17 exists to ignite hope. In a world increasingly filled with doom and gloom, we are a non-partisan, non-political initiative bridging sectors and tackling the underlying factor of inaction - lack of belief in the future. Because young people are entitled to the right to believe in the future.

The 17 Global Goals (SDGs) is our roadmap. Creativity and collaboration our tools to accelerate the change.

It’s time for a new story, a story of hope.

Mission & values

Mission: HEART 17 exists to ignite hope. United by creativity, we are a non-partisan network bridging sectors. Our work provides knowledge, inspiration, and platforms to raise the level of creativity and optimism to counteract polarization and despair. We base our work on science and the 17 SDGs, and we manifest it yearly for UN World Creativity and Innovation Day.

Values: Creativity / Collaboration / Inclusion

The Heart symbol

The Heart is a symbol of hope and creativity. The shape, put together of 17 pieces, reflects on the spectrum of a collective network working to accelerate the 17 Global Goals.

Using The Heart as a symbol of Hope began 2022 when projected on the UN building in NYC and is now an outward symbol to communicate initiative to ignite hope.

Founding partners

HEART 17 was made possible thanks to the generous support from H&M Foundation and EY.

We are actively looking for progressive players willing to support a science-based model bringing societal ROI. Are you an impact investor, philanthrope, foundation or a business? Welcome to reach out!


Anna Ryott is a business activist, experienced board member and investor focusing on business accelerating the Global Goals. She is globally known as a thought leader with a goal to change the world to a better place through partnership, innovation and creativity.

Jörgen Andersson is a creative and strategic consultant and serial entrepreneur with a firm belief that creativity and innovation is the strongest power to create and build a sustainable business and manage change.