About Heart 17


We are dedicated to accelerate progress towards the 17 Global Goals.

Collective act. United by creativity. A collaboration model where HEART 17 invite and curate collaboration and action among creative youth role models such as brands, artists, youth leaders, entrepreneurs and other creatives to join forces!

So – join forces to spark hope among youth by, in your unique way, raising awareness and showing progress towards the Plan – the 17 Global Goals!

The Heart connects the dots.

Collective act. United by creativity.

Our story

We can’t fix the planet if humanity is broken. We are living through a time that is redefining our human story. The challenges we face together are unparalleled and we continue to live beyond the boundaries of what our planet and its people can sustain. A feeling of hopelessness is felt by many. But there is hope if you choose to look for it. There is a plan for the planet. There are things we can all do to act. It’s time to supercharge the 17 Global Goals to turn the tide. We have hard work in front of us, so let’s start working together.

Behind the scenes

HEART 17 is a global social enterprise uniting people and business to accelerate the 17 Global Goals (SDGs) throughout the world. Not by charity, but by the business of innovation, creativity and partnership. We are run by a non-profit model, with all profits going to advocacy initiatives accelerating the Global Goals.


Standing alongside the vision of HEART 17 is the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - fighting to end poverty, inequality and climate change in 170 countries. They play a critical role in helping countries achieve the 17 Global Goals, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals are basically a plan for a better tomorrow.

Please note UNDP disclaimer.


We amplify the voices of creative youth leaders, artists, business leaders, and other changemakers from across the globe. Together we share messages worth spreading to spark hope and action. We believe that partnership is the new leadership. To change the way things are, we need to break silos and work together, using the powers of creativity and innovation to spark hope and change. We call them Changemakers. 


We create printed on-demand collections with exclusive design. No stock, no waste - just inspiration. We aim to work with creators and brands all over the world. The HEART 17 shop is created in close collaboration with Creator Studio where printed-on-demand ensure sustainable handling.

Proceeds go to initiatives supported by United Nations Development Programme.


Now, when it’s needed more than ever, brands and organizations have a role to play in leading their audiences and their organizations in the direction of a better tomorrow. We need to find new ways of working together, better ways of engaging employees and reaching consumers, and more tangibly delivering on the promise of brand purpose.

Because critical messages are not being heard by young people. Wrong senders. Wrong packaging. Wrong channels, a doesn’t concern me attitude. What if we could interrupt the signal? One message - many voices.

We are very proud to be supported by our core partners H&M Foundation and EY.

We also have friends supporting our journey.
Spotify | H&M | Mojang Studios | TikTok | Doberman | Cederquist | AKQA | Planeta Design | Otmore | Royal Swedish Opera | Stockholm Art Week | Epidemic Sound | BridgingTheGap Ventures

HEART 17 is always looking to collaborate with brands and organizations willing to work together, using their reach and creativity to do good.


Anna Ryott is a business activist, experienced board member and investor focusing on business accelerating the Global Goals. She is globally known as a thought leader with a goal to change the world to a better place through partnership, innovation and creativity.

Jörgen Andersson is a creative and strategic consultant and serial entrepreneur with a firm belief that creativity and innovation is the strongest power to create and build a sustainable business and manage change.

Join in!

COLLECTIVE ACT. UNITED BY CREATIVITY. HEART 17 invites creatives of the world to join forces! Let’s use human creativity to raise awareness and engagement around the Plan for a better tomorrow - the 17 Global Goals. Our joint vision? To ignite hope and action among youth by together showcasing progress and acceleration of the 17 Global Goals. The Heart connects the dots.