Join us in a Global Campaign for Hope

In a world overwhelmed by crisis and despair, our collective mission is to reignite hope. On UN World Creativity and Innovation Day, April 21, join us in a global movement to celebrate hope, collaboration, and creativity! Be on the right side of history. Be a part of rewriting the narrative.

The task

Your creativity is a powerful tool for this message – so focus on what possibly can go right and wield it with purpose! Remember, language is not just words; it's action. It has the power to go viral, carrying profound meaning.

  • Share good news, personal stories, sustainable ideas, visionary projects, or creative works like music or art —anything that pushes us closer to the Global Goals!

Week of Hope

Join the movement of Hope. Post your contribution during April 21 on a social media platform of your choice. Make sure to use the hashtags to amplify the movement to inspire other members of the movement.

Hashtags: #HopeForFuture #Action4Hope #WeekOfHope

Suggested caption: Together we choose hope to counteract despair and polarization.

The reason why

To drown out the negative outlook and flip the algorithms, we’re bringing you another approach: Radical optimism. The middle ground between cynicism and complete ignorance in which we commit to seeing the good, without deluding ourselves that everything is going to be okay. It's the choice to radically make lemonade, even when the world serves you lemons. And, as long as we continue to wholeheartedly make that lemonade, there's hope.

One message, many voices. Amplified worldwide. Are you in?

Tool box and assets

Creativity is endless, and has no boundaries. But if you were to kickstart your act of radical optimism, HEART 17 provides you with assets to unite this movement of hope.

  • Hashtags #HopeForFuture #Action4Hope #WeekOfHope
  • Sounds: Songs to be used in the purpose of raising awareness around the 17 Global Goals. These original soundtracks are produced by Epidemic Sound and can unite inspiring content and campaigns around the world.
  • 'The Heart – ’seventeen pieces’.
    Symbol of the movement that strives to always connect the pieces of creativity and innovation for our common future.​ For all within the movement to label their work with.
  • Graphic: Graphic to be used in the purpose of raising awareness around the 17 Global Goals. These artwork and graphics are created by artists in HEART 17 network to raise awareness towards a better tomorrow.