Creativity is endless, and has no boundaries. But if you were to kickstart your act of radical optimism, HEART 17 provides you with assets to unite this movement of hope.


Sounds to be used in the purpose of raising awareness around the 17 Global Goals. These original soundtracks are produced by Epidemic Sound and can unite inspiring content and campaigns around the world.

Please always mention with tag and/or text "In creative partnership with Epidemic Sound and HEART 17.

Please secure safelisting by contacting hello@heart17.com before publishing on social media.


- Songs and other assets to be used in the purpose of raising awarness around the 17 Global Goals, read guidelines for usages
- A partner has the right to edit the sound to fit channel and/or brand environment.
- You are not allowed to publicly share the song(s) for download, only use the sound in your communication OR share to listen via available sound platforms, i.e. Spotify.
- Safe listing: We secure safe listing for you in collab with Epidemic sound. Please share links with hello@heart17.com to all SoMe/YT-assets before publishing.

Cannot be modified and only to be used in relation to song and the Global Goals.

Epidemic Sound has produced and owns the rights to the artist photos. Heart 17 may distribute the Artist Photos on Heart 17's and its partners [owned and operated social media channels, websites, projections and platforms] for the purpose of promoting the Global goals, Epidemic Sound music, the artists and Epidemic’s music catalogue. Heart 17 will credit, where possible, Epidemic Sound and the name of the artist in conjunction with the display of the Artist Photos. For clarity, the rights granted to Heart 17 are granted on a revocable and non-exclusive basis.

The HEART - connecting the dots

'The Heart – ’seventeen pieces’.

Symbol of the movement that strives to always connect the pieces of creativity and innovation for our common future.​ For all within the movement to label their work with.

Social Media

Hashtags to use to unite the campaign for hope:


Please tag HEART 17 social:
Instagram – heart17_official
X – heart17official
LinkedIn – Link


Graphic to be used in the purpose of raising awareness around the 17 Global Goals. These artwork and graphics are created by artists in HEART 17 network to raise awareness towards a better tomorrow.

Global Campaign for Hope

On and around UN World Creativity and Innovation Day on April 21, please join in and shift the narrative. Hope ignites action and action ignites hope. According to science, collaboration and optimism are both crucial for change to happen. We're not deluding ourselves that everything is perfect, but there is an important middle-ground worth highlighting - in order to make fear and anxiety move into action we need hope.