Here is the survival kit for humanity

Let's build a planet of hope.

  • There is a plan – 17 goals to save humanity

    The Global Goals, aka the SDGs, are a roadmap and a toolbox to repair the world. These 17 goals is basically a survival kit for humanity. It's a plan. And this is where it gets really beautiful: 193 countries have agreed that this is the path forward, this is the blueprint we all share for a better tomorrow. An action plan to tackle the climate crisis. So shift perspective. There are new opportunities everywhere. The demand for activism perfection is limiting us. We need to start somewhere.

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  • Take action for the planet

    In order to build a better tomorrow we need a surge of creative actions towards the Global Goals - from sustainable production and consumption, to transport, water, wildlife, well you know them all by now. And that requires that we all take action. Do something. Do one thing. Do it now. Watch your world change. Challenge your friends to take action at