NKOSI NYATHI, Youth leader

  • Always choose renewable energy

    To fight the changing climate, we need carbon neutral energy sources. Choose renewable energy when you can – weather it is for your home, business, or an investment. Ask questions to your electricity provider, employer, bank or parents to make sure that you support renewable!

Isabelle Axelsson, Youth leader

  • Learning that works for you

    Information about climate justice can be hard to find or difficult to understand. Luckily, lots of people communicate it in easy, accessible ways online! Find out what works for you – whether it’s articles, podcasts or videos. Check out my recommendations of great videos to watch to learn more about climate crisis.

Sergio Reynaga, Youth leader

  • A Climate Action Weekend

    Ready for a challenge? Go “Meatless Friday” (make a delicious vegetarian dish instead), “Green Saturday” (no transportation using fossil fuels, try walking or bicycling) and “Lazy Sunday” (take some time off and watch some environmental documentaries like ‘Earth’ or ‘An Inconvenient Truth’).

Jan Eliasson, Former Deputy Secretary General, United Nations

  • Take action for the planet

    In order to build a better tomorrow we need a surge of actions towards the 17 Global Goals - from sustainable production and consumption, to transport, water, wildlife, well you know them all by now. And that requires that we all take action. Act now, and challenge your friends to take action at heart17.com

Anna Meyer, dancer

  • Be creative and inspire other

    The feeling of hopelessness is felt by many. Without hope for a future, some days may feel unbearable, but by taking action you can ignite hope. Share this and help change the world.

Timoci Naulusala, Youth Leader

Thanaa Hesham, Youth leader

  • Plant trees by browsing the internet

    Instead of google, let’s plant trees together by using Ecosia search engine! I promise its easy and, in this way, you support local farmers and help protect endangered animals.

Nicki Becker, Youth leader

  • Educate ourselves and spread with others

    There is not enough talk about the climate crisis! That is why getting informed and spreading the information with others is an important way to take a step forward. Watching a TED Talk is a simple and convenient way to learn more –check out this playlist!

Majd Assi, Youth leader

Mitzi Jonelle Tan, Youth leader

  • Amplify climate and social campaigns

    Follow inspiring activists on social media that are at the front line of the ecological breakdown! Share their stories and amplify their campaigns. Find out how to start your journey as an activist too!

Zenanile Dlamini, Youth leader

Sissa Pagels, Youth leader

Shaan Kumar, Youth leader

  • Buy second hand

    Switching to buy local or second hand can help reduce the energy and resources that go into creating and shipping clothing. There could be a higher environmental cost hidden behind low price-tag on fast fashion. Invest in clothes that will last longer or give new life to clothes by buying second hand.