Counteract despair and polarization with optimism

We are determined to counteract despair and polarization. In parallel to challenges we face; we also have a responsibility to focus on hope.

In practice Christiana Figueres is a transformational climate change leader and former Executive Secretary, UNFCCC, recognized across the globe for her work spearheading international negotiations on climate change and successfully addressing climate challenges with the focus on “stubborn Optimism”. 


Hopelessness is draining us

A sense of hopelessness is felt by many. It risks draining our energy, our sense of belonging, our ability to act. We need to counteract despair and polarization in today’s world – and bring back hope. Let's tackle this challenge with a mindset of “what if?”.


  • Deep Listening: Deep listening involves understanding emotions and intentions behind words, fostering genuine connections, and is crucial for comprehending diverse perspectives in problem-solving.
  • Passion Engagement: Passion engagement is a deep emotional commitment that inspires dedication, persistence, and innovation. In the context of climate change, it motivates individuals and communities to take meaningful actions.
  • Radical Collaboration: Radical collaboration goes beyond traditional cooperation, bringing together diverse stakeholders to work collectively. It breaks down silos and encourages innovative partnerships, essential for addressing global challenges like climate change.
  • Stubborn Optimism: Stubborn optimism maintains a positive outlook, seeing challenges as opportunities for growth. In problem-solving, especially for complex issues like climate change, it drives resilience, creativity, and the belief that positive outcomes are achievable.

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Per Olsson, Associate Professor at Stockholm Resilience Center Koen Thewissen – Strategic communications consultant, founder at weareDaniel Hildreth England – T-shaped designer & researcher