Watch the cross-sector panels from the latest Heartbeat CPH. All moderated by talented youth leaders. Enjoy!

This panel is presented by Climate Live and consists of young voices from Climate Live Sweden, Fridays For Future and Aurora, sharing thoughts and feelings for the future.

Moderated by: Linna Gadde & Alice Gimbro Frisk

Panelists: Claudia Kvarnborg, Douglas Malm Rath, Alva Danielsson, Raquel Frescia

We need to question the purpose and ensure multiple perspectives when designing our common goal for the future. We need to diversify the images. If we don’t, we are just reinforcing our own or the current dominant narratives.

Moderator: Iskias Araya – Co-founder & Creative Director/Common Values United

Panelists: Nicklas Larsen – UNESCO Chair
Stiven Kerestegian – Head of Disruptive Innovation at Ingka Group/IKEA
Majken Overgaard – Curator and educator focusing on contemporary art and tech

Creativity is a key enabler for hope and change. We often accept the reality of the world presented to us. But what if we reimagine the future, what if we don't accept the reality presented to us. That is a good start for imagination and creativity. But what comes first? Hope or Creativity? And what are the goals of raising the level of creativity?

Moderator: Claudia Kvarnborg – Climate Live Sweden & Fridays For Future
Panelists: Molly Fannon, CEO at Museum for the United Nation/UN Live
Diego Galafassi, Transdisciplinary artist & sustainability scientist
Tove Blomgren, Creative director SALLY by EY Doberman

Collaboration is hard. In collaboration we need to realize our own shortcomings and rely on the expertise of others. Collaboration won't just happen; we need to be persistent and lead with empathy. Collaboration is also a game of giving and getting. Don't show up to GET. Show up to GIVE. If you start by giving, you can't even imagine what you will get in return.

Moderator: Oskar Molander – Youth adviser Future Minds & Sweden's Youth Delegate to the United Nations

Panelists: Reva Hagins, Manager GAME Streetmekka
Fernanda Drumond, Strategy Lead H&M Foundation
Adam Lindholm, Nordic Corporate Responsible Lead EY

Life on planet earth is disruptive and hopefully infinite. What are the opportunities with the Global Goals as a possible infinite game? And who is your best rival?

Moderator: Hadi Qasemi – Artist / Human rights activist
Panelists: Eva Karlsson, CEO Houdini Sportswear
Ebba Grythberg, Head of Sustainability, Spotify
Madeline Doyle, Global Communications Specialist, Ingka Group/IKEA

A sense of hopelessness is felt by many. It risks draining our energy, our sense of belonging, our ability to act. We need to counteract despair and polarization in today’s world – and bring back hope. Let's tackle this challenge with a mindset of “what if?”.

Moderator: Douglas Malm Rath – Climate Live Sweden
Panelists: Per Olsson, Associate Professor at Stockholm Resilience Center
Koen Thewissen – Strategic communications consultant, founder at weareDaniel
Hildreth England – T-shaped designer & researcher

Conversation and decisions about the future are often held without youth inclusion, regardless the fact that they are the ones that is going to be part of it.​ That is why we will have only youth moderators at HeartBeat-events.