Navigating Tomorrow: Future-Proofing Strategies – Unveiling the Three Horizons

The Three Horizons Theory is a strategic framework that helps organizations manage innovation and change by simultaneously focusing on three distinct horizons or timeframes.

We believe the theory of change is Bill Sharpes “3 Horizons model”

  • Horizon 1 represents the current core business activities – Business as usual.
  • Horizon 2 involves emerging opportunities and innovations – This is where HEART 17 har operated to be a transformative platform for cross-sectorial work
  • Horizon 3 looks at potential disruptive ideas for the future – sometime small scale explorations Labs.

Horizons 2 as transformational force

There is an important role to play by focus on Horizon 2 – The arena of disruptive innovation. Today, Horizon 2, is particularly crucial as it bridges the present and the future. It involves exploring and developing new ideas and business models that can become the future core business. This horizon is where organizations balance the need for short-term stability with the imperative to adapt and innovate for long-term success. By investing in Horizon 2, companies can ensure they stay competitive and relevant in the evolving business landscape.

Stay relevant

Platforms like HEART 17 that focus on Horizon 2 is the transformative entrepreneurial platform for the cross-sectorial work needed to stay relevant and adapt to tomorrows challenges.


Kate Raworth describing the pathway of the model for a regenerative and distributive economical system.

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