Human Choice – 2023 Official art piece for Hope

The 2023 Art Piece for Hope is named 'Human Choice'. Inspired by the UNDP Human Development report, we learn that we have what it takes to accelerate change, but we all need to choose our path. We have a choice. The art piece consists of 17 stories of hope and serves as a symbol and messenger for the need of more creativity and collaboration to accelerate hope and change.

The artwork full version:

A collective art project

17 stories - 17 pieces of the heart. Each piece of the heart, symbolizing creativity and collaboration towards the 17 Global Goals, has been filled by one of 17 youth organizations, businesses, and artists. Every participant has answered the questions 'What is hope to you? And why?'

This year we are proud to present the 17 participants comprised by Aderinsola Babawale, Cake, Children Climate Prize, Climate Live, Epidemic Sound, Exquisite Corpse, EY Doberman, Houdini Sportswear, Game, H&M Foundation, José Gonzáles, Joshua Idehen, New Dimensions by ELLE, Spotify, Studio Hum Interactive, What took you so long, and X Shore.

Now - 17 pieces and 17 stories are coming together, interpreted into art. All curated and edited by Sahara Widoff and Teitur Ardal. Photo Faris Laguir.
Blog: The emerging collective act

Piece no 1 – Hope by Aderinsola Babawale

"Having our power exercised, that is hope. Now it's time to shape our future more equitably. Somewhere on our vast earth, today begins again. Today is a time to act, today is a step away, from starting of a better tomorrow. Worth fighting for."
– Aderinsola Babawale, American poet and activist in Fridays For Future NYC

This piece is a story inspired of a painting and a poem written and performed by Aderinsola Babawale at UN Ground 2022, preceding the start of the global UN meeting Stockholm+50.

Piece no 2 – Hope by CAKE

"The persistent power of people obligated to change."
– Cake, High performance electric motorbikes

The cube is the story about monument of transparency, a call to more players to reveal and reduce the hidden footprint of production. A belief to set a new standard for what to expect from companies in sustainable thinking and climate action, not least when talking about zero emissions or fossil free. The purpose of project The Cube is to spread the findings and solutions to accelerate progress.

Read more about the project

Piece no 3 – Hope by Children Climate Prize

"Young people around the world dare to think differently and see opportunities where others see difficulties. Their young minds allow us to re-evaluate the way we look at our planet. And their groundbreaking solutions can be the spark that ignites the fire that challenges and inspires us all."
Children Climate Prize, Award for young innovators and pioneers in the area of climate and environment.

This story is inspired from 2022 years winner of Children Climate Prize, 17 year old Sparsh’s innovation The Thermal Floater, a device that efficiently converts thermal energy from the sun into electrical energy.

About the innovation

Piece no 4 – Hope by Climate Live SWEDEN

“What gives us hope is people fighting against oppression and injustice, uniting to demand change.”
Climate Live Sweden, a global movement led by young activists from the global movement Fridays For Future, which has been on school strike for the climate since 2018.

This story is inspired by the global movement with the goal of uniting and mobilizing people in the fight for climate justice.

More about the movement

Piece no 5 – Hope by Epidemic Sound

“Music is powerful. It touches our emotions and influences our actions. It brings people together and inspires change. Through music, we want to inspire everyone to make the world a better place. That’s why we soundtracked the UN’s Global Goals.”
– Epidemic Sound

This piece consists of the sound by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen, part of the soundtrack of the 17 Global Goals, an Epidemic Sound collaboration with HEART 17. The song has a sense of seriousness, maturity, and hope, for the indefinite future. The piece also reflect visually on how the many can create a beautiful pattern and system, almost playing with the notion of musical notes.

More about the soundtrack of the 17 Global Goals

Piece no 6 – Hope by EXQUISITE CORPSE

"Hope is empathy"

A story told by the artistic collaboration EXQUISITE CORPSE; Chiara Bugatti, Josef Jägnefält and Alessandro Giaquinto and is based on the artists respectively with spatiality, painting and dance.

Piece no 7 – Hope by EY Doberman

"Hope is in the interconnectedness of all living things, from the tiniest spore to the vast mycelial networks beneath our feet"
EY Doberman, A design and innovation firm

This piece is a story imagining a better way to build a society, a manifestation of the immense untapped potential, inspired by mycelium. A proof that there are better ways, should we dare imagine them.


Piece no 8 – Hope by Game

"I feel hope when I see this because it shows how urban music communities can amplify youth, diversity, creativity and co-creation"
Game, An international NGO working for social change

The story about empowering youth, reclaiming the streets and create space for education, possibilities and equality. An influence towards good health and well-being, to create a solid base for youth.


Piece no 9 – Hope by Houdini Sportswear

"Hope is something you feel, something you need and something you can provide to others. Positivity, change, improvement, progress: it all starts with hope. The optimism and the activism that characterise Houdini are all, individually and collectively, inspired by our uncompromising hope. It’s ingrained in everything we do. Hope is more than a feeling that a problem can be overcome, it’s believing that you can find the solution. And we refuse to continue with the old ways of doing things and mitigating our impacts - we are starting from scratch."
- Houdini Sportswear, A progressive outdoor company

This story builds on the notion to be the light and to inspire others. Inspired by Houdini Sportswear manifesto, stating how humans are not built to go backwards but forward, this piece explore nature as a way forward.

More about Houdini manifesto

Piece no 10 – Hope by H&M Foundation

"The solutions exist to become planet positive, to regenerate, replenish and create conditions for more life. Now it´s all about supporting and enable them to scale and accelerate, to ultimately make the entire textile industry regenerate and restore our planet’s ecosystems."
- H&M Foundation, A non-profit foundation for public good, privately funded

This piece tells a narrative around the circular complex ecosystem to create long-lasting change from the ground up. To regenerate, replenish and create conditions for more life through storytelling, innovation and disruptive methods.

About H&M Foundation

Piece no 11 – Hope by José Gonzáles

"The arrows were made by printing graphs from and tracing the lines by hand, so as to make them iconic reminders of good trends. I used my daughter's pencils"
José Gonzáles, A sing and song writer and advocate for sustainability, and progressiveness in data

A story urging to follow the long-term trends when it comes to data. The state of the world is better than what appears in media. Progress is happening. Start to see the possibilities.

Se facts regarding poverty between 1820-2017

Our world in data

Summary progress and conditions

Piece no 12 – Hope by Joshua Idehen

"Hope is tomorrow and the muscle moving us towards its shores"
- Joshua Idehen, poet and musician

This piece is a poem written by Joshua Idehen, a form of correspondence to the poem linked to 2022 Official art piece for hope by Aderinsola Babawale.

Piece no 13 – Hope by New Dimensions by ELLE

"Hope is to never stop creating and together celebrate innovation, curiosity and creativity.”"
- New Dimension by ELLE

Piece no 14 – Hope by Spotify

"We need stories to imagine the society we want to live in. Culture and art can help shape what we believe to be possible and expand our vision of the future. That gives us Hope.
– Ebba Grythberg Head of Sustainability, Spotify."

This piece of story is based on TWENTYSEVENTYTWO, a Spotify Original and the episode The Wild City. The short stories in the podcast are based on research-based future scenarios by Planethon, and the story in the art piece draws on the notion how to rewild our cities and re-establish a beautiful balance with nature.

Listen to podcast

Piece no 15 – Hope by Studio Hum Interactive

"Hope also grows from realizing our place within a living and breathing world. See yourself in nature"
Studio Hum Interactive, Discovering the living world through art and emerging technologies

The piece is based on the film Breathe (official selection 2020 Sundance film festival) and invites you to experience an atmosphere of your own creation, recasting your ordinary daily experience of breathing as an immediate direct link to the complex living world we inhabit. We are embedded in this very wide and complex field that connects all life and breathing become in the story a portal to establish and remind us about that relationship.

More about Breathe

Piece no 16 – Hope by What took you so long

"Hope is to harness creativity to connect people to themselves, others and the natural world in a way that shapes a more inclusive nuanced and equitable future."
What took you so long, a global film- and photographer network

A piece about the power of storytelling, operating from a place of humanity and kindness while helping shape a more inclusive, nuanced and equitable future.

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Piece no 17 – Hope by X Shore

"Hope is our anchor in life's turbulence, reminding us of the light in even the darkest times"
X Shore, Electric boats for the future of boating

A story about a fossil-free tomorrow, in harmony with surrounding nature, changing and charging the boat industry with better ways of thinking.To set a course for long-term sustainability that all can all be proud of.