Preceding the Stockholm+50 meeting convened by the United Nations General Assembly, the HEART 17 initiative, in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Sweden to the United Nations, wants to bring attention to youth inclusion and creativity as a crucial part of the discussions. As a message to the world, politicians, and business leaders, May 31 the UN Secretariat building in New York was projected with an artwork inspired by artists and youth leaders from all over the world. Live performances at UNHQ by Torii Wolf and NBHD Nick, together with speeches from global youth leaders.

Climate crisis, increasing inequality, injustices and war are present, and a feeling of hopelessness is felt by many. Especially by youth around the world. The HEART 17 initiative, founded by Anna Ryott and Jörgen Andersson, aims to accelerate progress towards the 17 Global Goals. May 31, the UN Secretariat Building in New York City amplified young voices and creativity through the projection of a film and artwork ‘HUMAN INTEREST’ onto the building.

- The challenging times we face call for a collective and creative act to inspire hope and actiontowards a preferable future. Every decision we make today will have a devastating impact on the next generation. With the projection event, we want to bring attention to youth inclusion and creativity - into the Stockholm+50 meeting and out to the world, says Anna Ryott, co-founder and chairman of HEART 17.

On June 2-3, the Stockholm+50 meeting will be held in Stockholm, Sweden - an international environmental meeting convened by the United Nations General Assembly. Politicians and leaders from all over the world gather to discuss Agenda 2030 and the 17 Global Goals.

- I think that adults and the grownups must include us at all these conferences in order to let usbe a part of shaping our future and the future that our planet will offer us. Because if we arenot a part of that, the future will be based upon what the adults think we want, and that willbe wrong, simply. The projection is one big ask to the world, to listen to youth and to dare toact, says Andreas Magnusson, Climate Justice Activist Working with Fridays For Future.

The projection event was celebrated at UNHQ together with youth leaders, artists and business leaders at the UN Grounds. To emphasize that there is a plan for a better world, the 17 Global Goals, and that creativity and collective act is crucial to get there, speeches were held by Fridays For Future NYC activists; Maya Vazquez-Plyshevsky, Sora Borisute, Shoshana Daly and Helen Mancini, and NBHD Nick and Torii Wolf performed live with soundtracks on the Global Goals. Torii Wolf has composed the song “June Lake” for Goal 3 - Good Health and Well being;

- "June Lake’ brings me back to a time growing up and spending quality time in nature with my family. Being out in nature as a child with my family had my colorful imagination in a very expansive state. Exploring a deep and loving connection can open our hearts and minds to finding empathy and compassion as well as many different perspectives which is crucial for positive change and a hopeful future, says Torii.

About the film artwork ‘Human Interest’
Hope is an asset we all need to cherish to make a difference for ourselves and others in today’s world.Simultaneously, the IPCC report, as shared by the scientists, is the starkest reminder of why. Looking purely atthe data presented, it is easy to feel despair. The art piece ‘Human Interest’, created by Sahara Widoff, creativelead at HEART 17, in collaboration with director/photographer David Walegren and EY Doberman, containsphotographs and quotes by youth leaders, artists and creative references to the IPCC report and the GlobalGoals.

Individuals and quotes present:

Torii Wolf, Artist - Los Angeles, US
“Deep love and connection will raise the vibration of the collective”

Maxida Märak, Artist - Sapmi, Europe
“Never shut up my native”

Sissa Pagels, Youth Leader - Sweden, Europe
“From frustration to collaboration”

Nico Rengifo, Artist - Colombia, South America
“Because creativity forms our culture, and our culture forms the way we view life”

Shaan Kumar, Youth Leader - India, Asia
“Take part of a collective act, it will gain hope and action”

Ooyy, Artist - Sweden, Europe
“Creativity is the solution to even the smallest problem, so let’s come together and let our creativity spark thefuture”

Emily Copeland, Artist - Canada, North America
“For many today, time has been stolen from them in the form of slavery through human trafficking. It is myambition that this piece could be used to bring a bit of time back to the women who have had it robbed fromthem”

Zenanile Dlamini, Youth Leader - Eswatini, Africa
“Make mental health matter”

Adelyn Paik, Artist - South Korea, Asia
“Creativity is an embodiment of our vision, our unique voices that calls for a change”

Mitzi Jonelle Tan, Youth Leader - Philippines, Asia
“Raise your voice, not the sea level”

Mimmi Bangoura, Artist - Sweden, Europe
“I really think creativity is a uniting force, it allows us to come together and create change”

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