Make climate action top of mind

Let's build a planet of hope.

  • Add climate action in your agenda

    Every year UN, local governments, NGOs and volunteer groups act for the climate and the preservation of the environment. The actions intensify on certain days, such as the International Forest Day or World Water Day. In addition, these days reminds us of the importance of our involvement. Add my World Environment Calendar to your personal agenda, to make sure the climate is on top of your mind!

  • A Climate Action Weekend

    A great starting point is to challenge your friends to a Climate Action Weekend! MEATLESS FRIDAY: Eat zero meat. Instead, make some delicious vegetarian dishes! GREEN SATURDAY: No transport using fossil fuels. Walking or bicycling are great options and super good for your health! LAZY SUNDAY: Take some time with your friends or family to watch a documentary film about the environment, for example ‘Earth’ or ‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

  • Organize a Climate Simulation

    Suggest to your teacher or workplace to run the World Climate Simulation as an event, or take the matters into your own hands and run it by yourself with your community. The simulation is a great and interactive way of learning about the climate crisis and allows us to explore possible solutions. This action requires some prepping time, but show the way by starting to learn about the simulation possibilities and how to organize a session!

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