NEW COLLABORATION, HEART 17 is partnering up with Children´s Climate Prize to celebrate the ability of young people to drive change in the world. The award is one of the world’s biggest international climate awards for young innovators, entrepreneurs, conservators and changemakers.

Watch the Award

On November 19th at 10 am CET you can watch the broadcast showcasing the sixth edition of the Children’s Climate Prize, Tune in to take part of the celebrations of Reshma Kosaraju and the finalists of 2021

Take action with the finalist

We are honored to have the 2021 finalists as changemakers on our site. Check out their actioncard and take action!

Anjali Sharma, Stop future coal mine

Yash Narayan, Fights for stop wasting waste

Reshma Kosaraju, Prevent Forest Fires

Lesein Mutankei, Stop Deforestation

Fernanda Barros, Empower indigenous people